Innovation Summit: my conclusions, better policy-making, beyond R&D programmes

Posted by Christophe Leclercq on 26/11/14

The Innovation Summit hosted by the European Parliament on 17-20 November reviewed policies under the headline ‘a mandate for innovation’. The MEP-led organiser, K4I (Knowledge for Innovation), gathered 4 Commissioner, including for example the one for research , many MEPs including several committee chairs, and a large number of corporate and association representatives. Below are [...]

Parliament’s support for innovation and potential inter-institutional approach

Posted by Christophe Leclercq on 26/11/14

Knowledge for Innovation, an MEP-led association, organized its 6th Innovation Summit this week, in partnership with several organisations including EurActiv, which covered several sessions, and moderated the conclusions (separate post). The timing was good: just after the start of the Jucker Commission and before Mr Tusk arrives: which I addressed in an Opinion piece. Having [...]

Parliament Single Seat(s)? Europe’s peace in Strasbourg, EU democracy in Brussels

Posted by Christophe Leclercq on 26/09/14

The journalist Richard Hill asked me for a contribution on the ‘single seat’, for the upcoming magazine of BECI, the Brussels business organisation. Here is the full version of my view, taking a broader view than just costs and time.   “ The European Parliament’s Single Seat campaign has been going on for years, mainly [...]

#TranslatingEurope Forum: my keynote on Multilingualism in Europe(an) Media

Posted by Christophe Leclercq on 18/09/14

The translation community had an stimulating day, which I addressed in a keynote from the viewpoint of users and media. Overall: yes, innovations work and are being rolled-out. Background on the #TranslatingEurope Forum and my intervention This is the first of a new series,  organised the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation, for an audience of [...]

#Media4EU 4/4 | Why share media challenges? Learning from each other…

Posted by Christophe Leclercq on 12/09/14

Sharing best practices is constructive and stimulating. Plus competition leads to continuous improvements. I welcome new attempts, see for example: RT @LeclercqEU: #Springer (Bild’) & Politico (US): bienvenue a BXL! Contrer le populisme, pas renforcer… #Media4EU — Christophe Leclercq (@LeclercqEU) September 10, 2014 This cooperative approach builds on interactions in many relevant circles. EurActiv [...]

#Media4EU 3/4 | EU media policy, hopes? Sustained media independence?

Posted by Christophe Leclercq on 12/09/14

The first hope, better strategies by media companies themselves, is addressed elsewhere. Indeed, most European media attempts have failed so far. And here is why I share these findings freely. As for the political context, there are both idealistic, policy, and organisational aspects. The ‘European public space’ First, some in civil society and europoliticians alike [...]

#Media4EU 1/4 | Could Springer/Politico succeed where most ‘European media’ failed? 10 strategic challenges

Posted by Christophe Leclercq on 12/09/14

Axel Springer (‘Bild’ and others, beyond Germany), and Politico (chiefly Washington, also NY) will jointly launch a media, covering Europe, probably branching out of Brussels. This was reported in the NYTimes this week, then commented in the Columbia Journalism Review: “You would need a strong profile and be able to show readers what they would [...]

#Media4EU 2|4 0f 20 media groups to ‘go European’: most failed, not all

Posted by Christophe Leclercq on 11/09/14

I count around 30 attempts to develop ‘European media’ since the EU was set-up in 1958  (no, I was not born). Including nearly 20 by what can be called ‘media groups’. Depending on how you count, nearly 10 of these media still exist, but I think not all will make it to 2020. The list [...]

InterActiv Europe 2014-19: New faces, policies & tools

Posted by Christophe Leclercq on 11/09/14

The debates between ‘Spitzenkandidaten’ coloured the EP electoral campaign. EurActiv participated in this initiative as a media partner of each event and coverages the election campaigns in 10 languages. Ultimately, the European parties won the day. In the face of tremendous challenges and under pressure from Eurosceptics, the powerbrokers showed great responsibility in forming a [...]

InterActiv Europe 2014-19 : nouveaux visages, politiques, outils

Posted by Christophe Leclercq on 10/09/14

Les débats entre  Spitzenkandidaten ont marqué la campagne électorale. EurActiv a participé à cette nouveauté, comme partenaire média de chaque évènement, et en couvrant les campagnes. De fait, les partis européens ont réussi. Faiseurs de rois, ils font preuve de responsabilité, obligés par l’ampleur des défis et la pression des eurosceptiques. C’est donc une coalition qui dirigera nos institutions durant cinq ans. Après les [...]

Une énarque avec du cœur… pour l’Europe: discours de légion d’honneur

Posted by Christophe Leclercq on 30/08/14

J’ai assisté à la remise du titre de chevalier à une haute fonctionnaire française, maintenant diplomate. La motivation derrière sa carrière, l’engagement qu’elle exprime, m’ont amené à lui proposer de republier ici son propre discours. En voici les extraits essentiels. Christophe @LeclercqEU   “Extrait d’un discours prononcé le 16 mai 2014 à l’occasion de la [...]

Discours de Philippe ETIENNE lors de son départ pour Berlin: mise en perspective

Posted by Christophe Leclercq on 10/07/14

J’ai assisté le 23 juillet à la réception de départ de l’Ambassadeur de France auprès de l’UE, alors qu’il s’apprète à prendre ses nouvelles fonctions à Berlin.Voici ce que je retiens de cette rotation à la Représentation Permanente, des participants, et du discours. Ce ‘mouvement diplomatique’, comme on dit, est réfléchi. Il va de pair [...]

Online & Media Engagement : Transparency + efficiency via languages & EU Community

Posted by Christophe Leclercq on 20/06/14

I was invited yesterday to speak at the first European Digital Advocacy Summit, organised by Andras Baneth of European offices of the Public Affairs Council (PAC). Speaking after a keynote by Robert Madelin, I shared a panel with Bruno Waterfield of The Telegraph, on this topic: ‘sucessfull online & media engagement’. These are the main [...]

KPMG / EurActiv Berlin: Grusswort zu “Energiewende: Chance für Europa?”

Posted by Christophe Leclercq on 21/05/14

On 20 May, three entities from KPMG organised a conference on this topic, together with EurActiv as media partner: its ‘Global Energy Institute’, its public sector practice, and its EU Office in Brussels. The main policy issues are summarized in a prior interview with this Institute’s leader, Michael Salcher. I gave a short introductory speech [...]

Speech to AEGEE-Europe Agora: challenges for internet & ERASMUS generation

Posted by Christophe Leclercq on 11/04/14

(press release from student organisation AEGEE-Europe on its general assembly and me as new honorary member)   “Dear representatives of AEGEE antennas, dear friends from across Europe, Sorry I cannot be with you for this historic 50th Agora. You know I am the Founder of EurActiv, the media network [...]

Berlin Speech : Top German EP candidates answer my ’6 key issues’, except on Ukraine!

Posted by Christophe Leclercq on 20/03/14

On Monday March 17, I addressed a Berlin debate between top candidates, heading party lists into the European elections: Alexander Graf Lambsdorff MdEP (FDP / ALDE), David McAllister MdL (CDU / EPP), Birgit Sippel MdEP (SPD / Socialists) and Gabi Zimmer MdEP (Die Linke / Left alternative). And last but not least, because she is [...]

Berlin Rede : Deutsche EP Spitzenkandidaten beantworten meine ’6 Kernfragen’, schweigen aber über die Ukraine

Posted by Christophe Leclercq on 20/03/14

Am Montag, dem 17. März, hielt ich eine Ansprache anlässlich einer Debatte in Berlin zwischen den Spitzenkandidaten der Parteilisten für die Europawahlen: Alexander Graf Lambsdorff MdEP (FP / ALDE), David McAllister MdL (CDU / EVP), Birgit Sippel MdEP (SPD / SPE) und Gabi Zimmer MdEP (Die Linke / Europäische Linke). Und nicht zuletzt, denn Sie [...]

Préparer 2014-2019 : proche de Paris, Berlin, Londres, au-delà des médias

Posted by Christophe Leclercq on 18/03/14

(From the newsletter ‘EurActiv & Vous’, Spring 2014) Edito | PREPARER 2014-2019 : Proche de Paris, Berlin, Londres, au-delà des médias Guten Tag ! Pour la première fois, cette newsletter est rédigée principalement en français et en allemand. Et non pas en anglais, la langue principale de la ‘EU Brussels bubble’. C’est un symbole, reflétant plusieurs [...]

Dan Luca on Europe, the 2014 elections & Romania

Posted by Christophe Leclercq on 18/02/14

This below is the summary of an unusual interview, hence done by me and published notably on BlogActiv, not a normal editorial video by a EurActiv journalist. Dan Luca worked 10 years for EurActiv, lately as European Network Director, in charge of EurActiv’s presence in 12 capitals, 12 languages.  He already stood as MEP candidate (PES, Rumania) [...]

“Geniuses prepare revolution, romantics make it and the rascals – enjoying the fruits”

Posted by Christophe Leclercq on 09/02/14

Some people are schocked by this title? Please read on, it comes straight from a Ukrainian proverb. Let me first introduce this unusual guest post on my blog, coming from demonstrations in Kyiv. Ukraine’s turmoil, civil war or second orange revolution – pick your own view – is often featured on EurActiv. This refers to [...]

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